National N-Diploma: Public Management (N4 - N6)

Public Management will enable the prospective students to learn about government and municipal processes and procedures and how to be an effective manager in the public sector.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for this programme is a:

  • Grade 12/NSC or N3 Certificate
  • A minimum E symbol (Level 3) for English Second Language HG or a minimum D (Level 4) symbol for English Second Language SG is required
  • Accounting at Grade 12 level is recommended


3 Years:

  • N4 - N6 (18 months)
  • Relevant practical experience (18 months)

Subjects / Modules

N4 Subjects (6 Months)
  • Computer Practice N4
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Public Administration N4
  • Economics N4
N5 Subjects (6 Months)
  • Computer Practice N5
  • Municipal Administration N5
  • Public Administration N5
  • Public Finance N5
  • Economics N5
N6 Subjects (6 Months)
  • Municipal Administration N6
  • Municipal Administration N6
  • Public Administration N6
  • Public Law N6

Career Opportunities

  • Public Office Manager
  • Administrator
  • Government Official
  • Municipal Official