Water & Sanitation (N1 - N3)

In this career path, the student learns about the importance of one of the world’s most important resources: water! The course focuses on the importance of water quality and treatment, how to remove impurities, water supplies to the environment, waste water and sanitation.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for this programme is a:

  • Grade 10 with Maths and Science


  • One year
  • Each level is 12 weeks

Subjects / Modules

  • Mathematics N1
  • Engineering Science N1
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Practice N1
  • Plant Operation Theory N1
  • Mathematics N2
  • Engineering Science N2
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment Practice N2
  • Plant Operation Theory N2
  • Mathematics N3
  • Engineering Science N3
  • Water Treatment Practice N3 OR
  • Waste-Water Treatment Practice N3

Career Opportunities

The student can work as an apprentice on a water purification plant

  • Water purification plant operator