Mechanical Engineering - Motor Body Repair (N1 - N3)

This course is the classic (traditional) motor body repair course. The course enables the student to work in the motor trade, reparing damage to a motor vehicle's body.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for this programme is a:

  • Grade 10 with Maths and Science


  • One year
  • Each level is 12 weeks

Subjects / Modules

  • Mathematics N1
  • Engineering Science N1
  • Engineering Drawing N1
  • Motor Body Repair N1
  • Mathematics N2
  • Engineering Science N2
  • Engineering Drawing N2
  • Motor Body Repair N2
  • Mathematics N3
  • Engineering Science N3
  • Engineering Drawing N3
  • Motor Body Repair N3

Career Opportunities

  • Motor body repair
  • Self-employed