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Lovedale employee designed the CFERI logo

2018 Graduation Top Achiever

Mbulelo Dayimane, logo designer and Lovedale lecturer

Mr Mbulelo Dayimani is a Lovedale employee with a passion for graphic design, a flair for art and a vibrant personality. He was approached to design a logo for the new Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator and tells the Voice correspondents about his background in graphics and his inspiration for the logo.

Mr Dayimani was born in Whittlesea. He is married to Sibongile Dayimani with whom he has “three special boys.” “I studied my Bachelor in Fine Art at University of Fort Hare and specialised in Graphics, History and Philosophy of Art. I am a subject specialist in Graphic Interpretation and Graphic Design.” He holds a Master’s Degree in Education and is currently working towards his Doctor’s degree.

On what he enjoys the most about the process of designing: “Each project for me is always a learning process, so every time I design I focus on the details. That means paying attention to the information about the design and finding a way of mastering the semiotics that clearly interconnect the design itself. Also, the most enjoyable process of designing is gathering information about the project, looking at its key selling point, its main aim and objectives. Then, put your plan of design into good execution e.g. creating relevant symbols, a good font selection and the final touch ups to a great sample.”

Logo inspiration and meaning:


Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator logo design

I was inspired by the agricultural aspect of the project which led me to using the leaves. The colour combination has been diversely inspired:

Green: Represents a growing, bright and positive future and inspires students to be beginners today and winner’s tomorrow.

Logo texture: Rough texture representing stability. The incubator project will support and create a stable start up for emerging entrepreneurs.

Three round shapes: Gives off a clear and positive input and output effect of the project. The blue and orange dots ties in with Lovedale corporate colours.